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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Threat of Diffrent kind of Trojans

Trojan virus steals passwords and other sensitive information from the host computer. They are designed to get the script written by hackers, to prevent unauthorized access to a computer system. If you suspect a Trojan attack should be, online computer help, or help remote PC as soon as possible. Trojans disable security software like anti-spyware or antivirus programs. Thus, the anti-virus make it more active and make the system vulnerable to attack by viruses and other. Trojans are increasingly complex and that several of these categories of malware, some of them:
The Trojans Remote Access
Attackers usually hide these Trojan horses in games and other applications of small size, they are designed to have complete control over the host computer.
Remote Access Trojan is capable of playing all personal files and cookies from your system and have easy access to online accounts of users of the host computer.

Data to send Trojans
How to steal data from the name of Troy sends valuable data to the host computer and transmit it to the hacker's system. They are able to find the pre-defined information such as log files, e-mail address, credit card information or contact lists and instant messaging. Trojans can transmit data recorded keystrokes by installing a keylogger. The decision to use the computer help line may prove to be very relieving in such circumstances.

Trojans destructive
This Trojan for the destruction and removal of files are also designed, it is very difficult to recognize the destructive Trojan horse. The anti-virus is not able to detect this malware. If the Trojan is installed on your system, it will lead to the deletion of data in either a systematic or completely random, and finally to failure of the operating system.

Trojans Proxy
A Trojan proxy that allows the user to operate from your system. When the Trojan is installed on your system, hackers use the system for Internet access.
The measures taken are recorded under your IP logged hold you responsible for any illegal online activities, such as driving the credit card fraud or malicious attacks on other networks.

Trojans FTP
File Transfer Protocol Trojan is designed to open port 21 and help the attacker to connect to the system via FTP. With FTP Trojan, the attacker can download any file or application to or from your PC. In both cases, there are opportunities, more theft and install more malicious software on your system.

The best way to deal with these viruses is complicated by the remote technical support by professionals. There are many service providers that provide support around the clock for the
Trojan troubleshooting. Most reputable companies have certified technicians, the online computer support for the solution to all errors from your PC.

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